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Is the musk ox the next dodo?
Globe and Mail – Canada

Mapping the seabed beneath the Arctic Ocean is thrilling but fun – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Arctic allure
Edmonton Sun – Alberta, Canada

Alaskan hunters aid scientists' search for bird flu
Boston Globe – United States

NASA shelves climate satellites
Boston Globe – United States

For Al Gore, the Truth Really Is Inconvenient
The National Center for Public Policy Research – Washington, DC, USA

Large meteorite hits northern Norway
Monsters and – Glasgow, UK

UA museum nears completion with opening of art gallery
KTVA – Anchorage, AK, USA

Alaska museum reflects state's natural wonders
Pioneer Press – St. Paul, MN, USA

Museum of the North presents fresh angles on Alaska art
Anchorage Daily News – Anchorage, AK, USA

Reality check: Planet Earth is calling
Aldergrove Star – Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada

HEINZ MEANZ TO SAVE CROP Tomato seeds frozen
Glasgow Daily Record – Glasgow, Scotland, UK

On The Issues by Gordon Bishop
Courier – Middletown, NJ, USA

Arctic Explorer coming to CCCC
Cape Cod Today – Cape Cod, MA, USA

Europe's largest gold mine to be opened in Finnish Lapland
Helsingin Sanomat – Finland

Helicopter crash in SW Siberia kills 3, injures 7
RIA Novosti – Moscow, Russia

Exchange student recounts Siberia experience
Uniontown Herald Standard – Uniontown, PA, USA

Montreal showcases artists in the first of a two-part celebration
Indian Country Today – Canastota, NY, USA

Reindeer herders more likely to commit suicide
The Local – Sweden

Finland expands Arctic test range
Flight International – USA

In Iceland, a museum of phallology
Philadelphia Inquirer – Philadelphia, PA, USA

Finland's Summer Magic
50 Connect – UK

Arctic ice formed much earlier than previous estimates: study
People's Daily Online – Beijing, China

Arctic Ocean sported Florida's warmth 55 million years ago
What is the Word – Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Gas fuels new cold war in the Arctic
Scotsman – United Kingdom

British Satellite News – London, UK

Stake claim to Arctic passage or lose it
Ottawa Citizen – Ontario, Canada

Seabed fossils reveal a much warmer Arctic
International Herald Tribune – France

Arctic had Miami heat 55 million years ago
Toronto Sun – Canada

Research says Arctic temperatures reached subtropical levels
EiTB – Euskadi, Spain

Finding a fossilized needle in an Arctic haystack
Harvard University Gazette – Cambridge, MA, USA

Arctic was once as hot as Florida today
American Thinker – Berkeley, AZ, USA

Ocean-drilling scientists cite history of Arctic climate change
EurekAlert (press release) – Washington, DC, USA

New studies suggest the Arctic was once a balmy, tropical paradise – Canada

Ancient arctic was tropical
News 8 Austin – Austin, TX, USA

A hot time in the old Arctic of pre-historic times
WANE – Ft Wayne, IN, USA

Sediment core hold secrets of Arctic climate – UK

Arctic skull sparks interest
StarPhoenix – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

NJ right about Arctic drilling – Parsippany, NJ, USA

Arctic "Noah's Ark" vault to protect world's seeds – UK

Russia closes North Pole 34 Arctic station
ITAR-TASS – Moscow, Russia

Air pollution warming up Arctic
Deseret News – Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Arctic wrap-up: Food rationing, drift and dogs
Mounteverest – New York, NY, USA

Hot on heat: Gore on warming
New York Daily News – New York, NY, USA

Welcome to the final meltdown
Nunatsiaq News – Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Arctic terns are birds of two summers
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Fairbanks, AK, USA

Global warming won?t hurt polar bears, GN says
Nunatsiaq News – Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Climate forces Inuit onto thin ice
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Letter from Toronto: Of Global Warming and Polar Bears
The Daily Star – Dhaka, Bangladesh

All well with the welfare society?
SixDegrees – Finland

Bear hunt enters warming debate
Times of India – India

House approves drilling in Arctic Alaska refuge
Portsmouth Herald News – Portsmouth, NH, USA

Votes over Arctic oil crucial to Senate race
Honolulu Advertiser – Honolulu, HI, USA

Love in a freezing cold climate
The Observer – UK

The history and meaning of body art is hardly superficial – Pampus, NJ, USA

New Weather Satellite Rides Delta 4 Rocket to Orbit – USA

House votes for drilling in Alaska refuge
Reuters – USA

Bird Flu Quarantine Imposed in Russia's Siberia
MOSNEWS – Russia

Natural Resources Defense Council – New York, NY, USA

Hokkaido professor sounds alarm on Siberia forest
The Japan Times – Japan

Wooly mammoth bones found
Channel 4 News – London, UK

The First Art Newspaper on the Net
Art Daily – USA

Scientists detail signs of Arctic warming
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Fairbanks, AK, USA

House Wants Arctic Refuge Open for Oil Drilling
Los Angeles Times – CA, USA

Russia's Eastern Siberia Is Hit by Earthquake of Magnitude 6.2
Bloomberg – USA

Mammoth skeleton found in Siberia
CBBC newsround (audio) – London, England, UK

Author on slow train to adulation across Siberia
Guardian Unlimited – UK

Mammoth skeleton found in Siberia
BBC News – UK

Thousands of hectares of taiga burning in Far East, Siberia
ITAR-TASS – Moscow, Russia

The First Art Newspaper on the Net
Art Daily – USA

Scientists note stunning loss of Arctic ice, snow
CBC Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan, Canada

Icebreaker sent to evacuate personnel from North Pole 34 station
ITAR-TASS – Moscow, Russia

Russia to build 2 Arctic oil tankers
United Press International – USA

Arctic experiences air quality akin to 'city rush hour'
Environmental Data Interactive – UK

Arctic town's real estate booms on 'oily' hopes
Financial Express – Bombay, India

LORDI Advance To EUROVISION Final – White Plains, NY, USA

Lapping up Knowledge – UK

Dry city eyes Arctic answer
Melbourne Herald Sun – Australia

Bears thrive in Arctic on new Iron Curtain route
Reuters AlertNet – London, England, UK

Arctic seals spotted in mid-Atlantic
Monsters and – Glasgow, UK

Animals of the Arctic
Washington Post – United States

Arctic winter ice cover shrinks to all-time low
Taipei Times – Taiwan

This is – Swindon, England, UK
Vets take on an Arctic challenge

How We Might Increase the Odds of Human Life Surviving Beyond 2050
ZPEnergy – USA

The Most Southern Reindeer
innovations report – Bad Homburg, Germany

It's heaven up here
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Arctic Tock
Grist Magazine – Seattle, WA, USA

Meltdown fear as Arctic ice cover falls to record winter low
Guardian Unlimited – UK

Slain bear was polar-grizzly lovechild: DNA
Discovery Reports Canada – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The first documented case of grizzly-polar bear in wild
Pravda – Moscow, Russia

Polar-grizzly combo proven
Calgary Sun – Canada

Grizzly-polar bear hybrid found
Zee News – Noida, India

Salvaged Nunavut flag to go home
Washington Times – Washington, DC, USA

Short winter driving season gets even shorter
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada

Hunter kills grizzly-polar bear hybrid in northern Canada
Jackson Hole Star-Tribune – Casper, WY, USA

SA swimmer breaks cold-water record – Cape Town, South Africa

The Northwest Passage: An awfully big adventure
Independent – London, England, UK

Landmark moment: artist claims sovereignty of new Arctic island
Guardian Unlimited – UK

Argentina to the Arctic
Stockton Record – Stockton, CA, USA

Soapstone carving fetches record $278,000
Nunatsiaq News – Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Grizzly-polar bear cross found in Arctic
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada

Highway to the top of the world
Truck News – Toronto, ON, Canada

Fishing In Finland
Europe Travel News – Dublin, Ireland

Land of light and shadow
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

More and more people hiking in the Lapland wilds
Helsingin Sanomat – Finland

Giant tents business success
West Sussex Observer – Chichester, England, UK

More Hot Air Over the Arctic
Harper's Magazine – New York, New York, USA

Hot shots of arctic girls
The Sun – UK

Yahoo! News – USA

New Method Confirms Importance of Fungi in Arctic Nitrogen Cycle
innovations-Report – Germany

Strange bear was grizzly-polar hybrid, tests show
CBC News – Canada

WWF and tourist operator sign agreement to protect the Arctic
WWF International – Gland, Switzerland

Witnessing climate change in Russia's Far East
WWF International – Gland, Switzerland

WWF and tourist operator sign agreement to protect the Arctic
WWF International – Gland, Switzerland

Climate change data 'overwhelming'
New Zealand Herald – New Zealand

Messing with God's Creation
E/The Environmental Magazine – Norwalk, CT, USA

'Polar bears are dying'
News24 – South Africa

The history and meaning of body art is hardly superficial
San Diego Union Tribune – United States

NWT premier says Mackenzie pipeline will go ahead
CBC News – Canada

Arctic town builds anti-reindeer fence – UK

Ecolodge on Arctic's edge – Canada

Rower dies hours into 90-day trip
Reuters – USA

Adventure calls me but not my boyfriend
Salon – USA

What an ice victory in Arctic challenge! – Huddersfield, England, UK

Winter ski to the North Pole is no walk in the park – UK

Inuit Recipes
Grand Forks Public Schools

Arctic Council ponders future of shipping
Nunatsiaq News – Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Canadian technology launched onboard CloudSat satellite
Government of Canada Newsroom (press release) – Ottawa, ON, Canada

Record price for Inuit sculpture
CBC Toronto – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

First Indian To Ski To The North Pole
All Headline News – USA

Cop back from North Pole marathon – Australia

Talirunili soapstone work sells for $278,500
CBC Prince Edward Island – Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Creamy Fennel Soup With Arctic Char And Citrus Ragu
Rocky Mountain News – Denver, CO, USA

It's freezing, says Indian in North Pole
Independent Online – Cape Town, South Africa

Preserve the Arctic
Patriot-News – Harrisburg, PA, USA

Celebration underway
Aftenposten – Oslo, Norway

Moon Race: US Not Alone in Future Lunar Exploration – USA

International Space Weather Meeting Convenes in United States
Washington File – Washington, DC, USA

Arctic Wrap-up: Norwegians made it
Mounteverest – New York, NY, USA

May GEOLOGY media highlights
EurekAlert (press release) – Washington, DC, USA

Hunter shoots grolar bear ? or was it a pizzly?
CBC News – Canada

Arctic schoolboy had 'good fun'
BBC News – UK

Highest price ever for a Canadian sculpture
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Canada

Zoo adds tunnels for polar bear exhibit
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Art exhibits (see 'A Curator's Perspective')
Elmira Star-Gazette – Elmira, NY, USA

Inuit leader sounds alarm on global warming
People's Weekly World – USA

Arctic natives see culture of cold melt away
Newsweek – USA

Olympics to increase value of Northwest Coast Art
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Toronto, Canada

Our Arctic rangers
Globe and Mail – Canada

Nurse back home from North Pole
BBC News – UK

Harper urged to take action on climate change
National Post – Canada

Cameron embarks on Arctic investigation
ePolitix – UK

Polar Triumph
Hamilton Spectator – Ontario, Canada

Albert II Never Eats Tinned Stew in Vain
Kommersant – Moscow, Russia

Survival of the fittest
Aurora – Labrador City, Newfoundland, Canada

From Palace to Pole – Monaco's ruler makes history – Lyon, France

Meltdown leaves walruses cold
News24 – South Africa

Warming Arctic Is Taking a Toll
Washington Post – United States

Canada's Arctic Sovereignty Under Threat
OhmyNews International – South Korea

Change is in the Arctic air
Independent Online – Cape Town, South Africa

Wildlife expert tracks Arctic pollution
Earth & Sky – Austin, TX, USA

Expanding Canada into the Arctic sea
Global National – Burnaby, BC, Canada

Researcher warns about future of Arctic climate
The Dartmouth – Hanover, NH, USA

Melting Arctic ice affecting walrus calves
Monsters and – Glasgow, UK

Arctic Expedition
Scotland Today – Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Arctic adventure in Norway
Go Travel Insurance – London, UK

On the Hunt for Seals Near the Arctic Circle
Washington Post – United States

Arctic trek shows Canada's sovereignty
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada

Sub-Arctic villages get a cool deal on their pizza
Fort Worth Star Telegram – Fort Worth, TX, USA

Arctic ice pack losing ground
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Fairbanks, AK, USA

Arctic runner on top of the world
BBC News – UK

Tales from the Arctic
Tillsonburg News – Ontario, Canada

Runner completes arctic marathon
BBC News – UK

The Great Weird North
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA

Northwest Passage gets political name change – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Schoolboy begins Arctic adventure
BBC News – UK

Evolution: If It Walks Like a Fish
Newsweek – USA

Canada troops mount big Arctic sovereignty patrol
Reuters AlertNet – London, England, UK

Filling the Terrestrial Gap
Astrobiology Magazine – USA

Arctic fossils mark move to land
CBBC newsround (audio) – London, England, UK

A dog's dinner for polar explorer
BBC News – UK

Masterton man readies for Arctic adventure
Wairarapa Times Age – Masterton, New Zealand

Windfalls and Shortfalls – United Kingdom

Artcirq to stage first show outside Arctic
Stage – London, London, UK

Canada scrambles to assert sovereignty in Arctic
Reuters AlertNet – London, England, UK

Teenager in North Pole record
Australian – Sydney, Australia

Inuit Culture, Frozen in Time, Now Melting Away
Epoch Times

Operation igloo

A man once known as W3-1119
Toronto Star – Canada

Display explores life of Inuit people: cool exhibit
WTOP – Washington, D.C., USA

Hollywood Far Far North
Canadian Business – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Have throat, will travel, for Inuit singer
Vancouver Sun – Vancouver, Canada

Sounds like nature
National Post – Toronto, Canada

Cinematic artist looks at Peary trip
Miami Herald – Florida, USA

McMichael Canadian Art Collection Announces New Appointment!
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Toronto, Canada

Airbus team likes Iqaluit's dry cold for huge A380
Nunatsiaq News – Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada