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Katilvik: (meeting/gathering place)

Waddington's has been the "katilvik" of the Inuit art community for many years.
The gathering place where our community meets on a seasonal basis, facilitated by Waddington's Inuit art auctions.

To enhance this collaboration of people, knowledge and passion, our next logical step was to create a 'virtual' gathering place – an online "katilvik."

The fundamental purpose of is to provide a source of information and a forum for communication for Inuit art and culture enthusiasts. A virtual meeting place where artists, collectors, dealers, researchers and students can find and exchange information, experiences and wisdom. will:

  • Promote an understanding of Inuit art and culture worldwide
  • Preserve Inuit art and culture by bringing worldwide attention to both
  • Increase awareness around issues of concern in the North, and for Inuit art and culture
  • Further the sense of community and shared knowledge by promoting interaction among diverse individuals and groups worldwide features:

  • Database of 4,400 Inuit artists
    • Fully searchable
    • Extensive biographical data
  • Unique "Syllabics / English" converter
    • search 550 artists by syllabics
  • Waddington's extensive auction archives
    • To be searchable with lots including picture and descriptions (Prices Spring 2006)
  • Inuit graphics
    • In cooperation with "Arts & Culture of the North" (Fall 2006)
  • Extensive directory of links to the northern polar world
  • Articles written by members of the Katilvik community
  • Research newspaper and online magazine articles about the Inuit culture
  • Monthly galleries membership benefits:

  • Search the last five years of Waddington's Inuit Art auction results which include:
    • 5,000 pieces
    • description, image and price
    • earlier records to added
  • Receive notice of new features, articles and events
  • Additional members only benefits to come

Your Contribution:

Katilvik invites you to correct any mistakes or provide information to help keep the data current. [email protected].

Our goal is to build an extensive online Inuit Art community representing various fields and interests.

We invite you to share your knowledge and your passion.

Your Host

Waddington's is Canada's leading auction and appraisal company with experts in all areas of fine art and collectibles. Waddington's is recognized worldwide as a source for buying and auctioning Inuit art for nearly 30 years.

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