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Record price for Inuit sculpture

A piece by famed artist Joe Talirunili sold at auction in Toronto on Monday night for what is believed to be the highest price recorded for an Inuit sculpture. CBC News 04/25/2006 The Migration, a 30-centimetre wide work in grey soapstone, went for $278,500, more than four times the pre-sale price set by Waddington's auction […]

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What ‘Good’ Art is…

…is often subjective. Experience with a specific medium and type of art, as well as a knowledge of the artist's work and history, are important in determining what is 'good' art. How 'good' may be defined, ultimately, may depend on the subjective, but educated 'eye' of the collector or connoisseur. The presentation of artwork in […]

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Katilvik: (meeting/gathering place)

Waddington's has been the "katilvik" of the Inuit art community for many years.The gathering place where our community meets on a seasonal basis, facilitated by Waddington's Inuit art auctions. To enhance this collaboration of people, knowledge and passion, our next logical step was to create a 'virtual' gathering place – an online "katilvik." The fundamental […]

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